We will not let pain be determined by age, pregnancy or previous injury The aim of osteopathy is to get you performing and feeling better than before no matter who you are


Ramsgate Osteopath

360 Osteopathy purpose ensures rapid recovery from pain and injury by facilitating and offering the following features:

  • All in one clinic. A complete range of health services and provider within
  • Flexible treating hours, 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
  • Health care rebates are provided at the time of the appointment through the HICAPS facility and Medicare Easy Claim
  • Friendly and supportive reception staff


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Do you suffer from Sinus?

Osteopaths have treatment options for people suffering from chronic sinus.
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Musculoskeletal health and injury resolution is about restoring biomechanical balance, injury doesn’t mean you can’t be better than before.

Rachael Pietruszka


360 Osteopathy
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