First Blog

Welcome to 360 Osteopathy's first blog!!! These blogs will be covering not only treatment and diagnositic approaches but will also incorporate patient experiences, acupuncturist and chinese medicine angles and sorry men but setting up a business as a female sole trader. This will get juicy, the blogs will be honest and raw at times but hopefully connect with others who have had the same experience or need direction. 

To give you some back ground I have been working as an Osteopath for approximately 8 years, I can honestly say I have loved working as an Osteo and feel priveleged to have met so many incredible patients and health professionals along the way. I studied at the University of Western Sydney and actually was going to become an Ocupational Therapist. I had an excruiating headache one day on campus and one of my friends recommended I get a treatment at the Osteopathic student clinic. I did. The treatment fixed my headache and I immediately decided that this was the profession for me. It was the hardest six years of study but worth it. And yes that's full time with a masters! My favourite lectures were Raymond Blaiche who was renound for wearing no shoes in his lectures but brought a style of teaching that as a student made you feel inspired but at the same time out of your depth. This challenged me. Made me feel as though i wanted to learn more. Raymond was down to earth in his approach to students but his extensive knowledge commanded an element of respect from his students which I still feel. It's important to remember those who influenced us and our professional choices and why these people stand out from others or even balanced our experiences out from those lecturers, professionals or collegues who have acted inappropriately, chauvinistically or sometimes worse complacently towards you. This is a Wu Wei perspective if you will, non -doing doing (non struggle) i.e seeing that there is good and a bad ebb. For any student currently studying remember you have the right to ask questions and to be treated with respect. Do not be afraid to stand up for your personal integrity and ensure you address concerns using knowledge,  objectivity and clarity. 

This has been an awesome experience sharing a bit of my history with you. 

Looking forward to getting into nitty gritty CORE bla bla strength over view next week and why I think it is money making hog wash.