Ergonomics Consultation

Rachael Pietruszka's Ergonomic Consulting assists organisations with the development and implementation of cost-effective ergonomics programs.

Her research-based training and assessment programs improve worker comfort while lowering injury risks and associated costs.

Isafety and Health focusing on Pain prevention

  • Risk prevention
  • Workplace assessment
  • Implementation of OSHA’s workplace standards and current recommended Practice
  • Facilitation of Workers compensation case management through evidence based practice.
  • Work area assessment with key simple strategies to prevent chronic pain and workplace injury
  • Independent management and rehabilitation training to promote health, injury prevention and ongoing efficient biomechanical maintenance.

Professional Ergonomic Assessments conducted at high profile companies including

  • Qantas
  • Woman's Legal Services NSW
  • Air New Zealand 
  • Air New Zealand Freight
  • Corporate Business in the City Centre

For more information please  Download the Brochure  or call Rachael on 02 9583 2999